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Fresh Flower Dress Photoshoot

I want to start off by saying thank you for the positive feedback after creating my fun vegetarian outfit out of orange peels. A couple of weeks later, a very accomplished photographer with a professional studio in downtown Los Angeles offered to shoot me in a dress out of … Continue reading

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Paper plates, Dishasher or Hand-wash

What we do in our everyday life matters the most to the environment. It adds up to a big number. We live busy lives, sometimes there isn’t enough time for yourself, especially washing dishes. It is so much easier to just use … Continue reading

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Eco-friendly Purse! Made Of Recycled Plastic Bottles

This is the cutest eco-friendly purse I’ve seen in the long time. The fact that I found it in the Marshalls means that Eco products are in high demand! Yeah! The price is great too! It’s called “Lily Bloom” (what a truly … Continue reading

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Tesla Roadster Sport Electric Car 0-60 in 3.7 seconds

With its world-class acceleration, handling, and design, the Roadster ranks amongst the world’s most coveted sports cars. Its engineering has no equal. Visit Tesla Motors official website to learn all about it. I can tell you this, when you sit inside … Continue reading

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Green Valentine’s Day Tips

Here is couple tips on how to go green this Valentine’s Day: 1. Cook home-made dinner or have a picnic at the park There is nothing more romantic than somebody taking time to make you dinner. I know it’s easier to … Continue reading

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From Boring Plastic To Fantastic!

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Take That, Lady GaGa!

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Green City Of The Future.

Eco-designs are being developed everyday. Society’s awareness of our global situation is growing. Whether your motivation is to save money or the environment, with newest technologies those two go together. Why waste money on gas, when you can have car … Continue reading

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“Zoya”, The Natural Nail Polish

I just got this amazing nail polish and I love it.Many nail polishes contain loads of toxins, they smell pretty bad and each time I would use them my cats run away…hmmmm I guess they have better instincts. With Zoya … Continue reading

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The Truth About Beauty Products.

Beauty products has become big part of my life. I wash my face with a special face wash and then use cream. I brush my teeth with tooth paste, sometimes use mouth rinse. I use shampoo and conditioner, deodorant and … Continue reading

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