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Glacier National Park wilderness will awaken your soul.

How do I begin to describe Glacier National Park and my experience there? I wish I was a poet to create an image in your mind about it’s charm. No one can leave it the same as when they first … Continue reading

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Recycle your Batteries

I always recycle batteries in the library, to be completely honest, I only started doing it about 2 years ago. Before that, I didn’t even know how to recycle them, or where… It feels so good give back to environment, collect all … Continue reading

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Paper plates, Dishasher or Hand-wash

What we do in our everyday life matters the most to the environment. It adds up to a big number. We live busy lives, sometimes there isn’t enough time for yourself, especially washing dishes. It is so much easier to just use … Continue reading

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Green Boyfriend Phenomenon

What makes a green boyfriend? Same applies to a girlfriend. If you are lucky enough to have boyfriend that gives a hoot and doesn’t pollute, recycles all those beers cans and bottles.  Doesn’t want to spend hours in the mall with you … Continue reading

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Green City Of The Future.

Eco-designs are being developed everyday. Society’s awareness of our global situation is growing. Whether your motivation is to save money or the environment, with newest technologies those two go together. Why waste money on gas, when you can have car … Continue reading

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Ban plastic bags for good

“Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again…” Katy Perry, Firework. Life of plastic bag is short and meaningless. Even if you are buying one little thing you always end up getting a … Continue reading

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Bottled water ? No, thanks.

Truth about bottled water! Annie Leonard is my hero. Check out why.   Using canteens is fun and easy. Protect yourself from dangerous chemical released in the water from plastic.

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