Glacier National Park wilderness will awaken your soul.

How do I begin to describe Glacier National Park and my experience there? I wish I was a poet to create an image in your mind about it’s charm. No one can leave it the same as when they first entered. It’s the magic that happens in every national park. City noise is replaced by falling leafs and cracks of branches under your feet. The cell phone becomes a useless weight that no longer makes your forget about the real world and stare at the screen. You must pay attention to your every move, the bear can be just around the corner. The birds circle the sky and make you too jealous that they get to see this view from up there, that the mountain tops are their equals and you are just a human being. The blow of the wind sends your skin into goose bumps when the sun is hiding behind a cloud, and bring such a joy when the sweat has turned your shirt soaking wet on that strenuous hike. The rain washes away your make up and your glorious mask that each of us puts on to show in this superficial society. Did you also notice a relief and ability to breath? Each breath fills up lungs with energy, hope and peace. That busy week of work and worry somehow just got a little smaller and less significant. You start to remember you are a Universe of miracles collected into one amazing creation. You notice a plastic water bottle thrown away on a trail and it throws into a raging anger. Now you see how wrong it is when there is nothing to blind you and the truth comes out. You realize that you are angry at yourself for buying a bottled water and throwing it away the day before. The guilt and clarity inspire you to be a good citizen of the world.

I didn’t spend enough time there. No time would ever be enough. An amusement park pales in comparison to the trails and activities the park has to offer. I see families there and I know they are creating lifelong memories full of adventure. Children look at their parents and actually talk. Parents finally are holding hands and feel blessed. Try talking over loud screams and music in amusement parks. Besides $80 or more per person all of which is going into someone’s pocket is greedy where nature park fees are supporting wildlife and ecology for others to enjoy for decades to come. So if you are considering a vacation make it a wild one. I promise to you that your new spiritually transformed self will thank you.

P.S. Next post will be a video from Glacier NP for you to enjoy. Happy thoughts, my loved ones! XOXO

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