Glass beach in California.

On the way to Oregon Lake National Park I had to stop in California to see with my own eyes the glass beach. I have heard of black volcanic beach in Hawaii, pink beach in Bahamas, but glass beach? How is that even attainable? It was the outcome of heedless and disregardful attitude. Human activities have long resulted in harmful acts against natural habitat. The beach in Fort Bragg was not an exception. It was used as a dump site, for 61 years from 1906 to 1967.



The ocean patiently took the maltreatment and gave it a new significance. It produced splendid combination of elegance and glory out of unserviceable items. The beach became covered in shiny multicolored rocks. It could have been any average beach if you didn’t notice the resemblances of bottles with a closer look.


Every action has a reaction, this was an example of durability and creativity of this planet.

Can we expect that our every mistake will turn into fantastic peculiarity? No. The toxic waste can not be undone that easily, the Amazon forest doesn’t regrow in a day and the extinct species are gone forever. We can not simple act as if we don’t matter. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve heard people tell me “I’m just one person, I won’t make a difference”. It’s time we gain faith and value in our own selves. Our mindless pollution will end up on plates in front of us.

If the ocean can improvise with waste and recycle it into captivating rocks, why can’t we do that? All it takes it a little imagination and responsibility. Yes, responsibility! That bottle of soda or beer you were drinking earlier, now you are it’s owner and you must care where it end up.

Have a great day, Don’t forget to recycle. Love Alina:)

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2 Responses to Glass beach in California.

  1. Гуля says:

    Отличные фотографии, отличная статья! Написано спокойно, ненавязчиво и доброжелательно – с заботой о людях и планете

  2. Matthew says:

    Wow. Great article about an amazing place written by a beautiful women. It really makes you think about how we treat our planet.. I already try to recycle as much as possible but this makes me want to do more. Thanks for the insight.
    Captain Matt.

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