It’s good to be back where I belong.

Hello blog and hello my 19 followers haha. Well, it’s been too long, actually it’s been 3 years. I look back at the time I’ve spent here and wonder why in the world would I stop. I had my reasons and tons of events happened to me in these last three years. Some were positive like finally starting college in USA and some were negative like getting a divorce.
No matter what I do or where I am, environmental science is always calling me from the inside of my soul. Bugging me to do something, to follow my calling and to be on the right side of the history.
I quit because I felt overwhelmed, I felt powerless in the on the planet where so little was done from what needed to be done. What I realized recently is you can’t escape your dreams, no matter how silly or big they are. Your passion is there for a reason. It is your purpose and you must respect it. I’ve spent two years in college doing prerequisites for nursing, so many wonderful opportunities in this career allured me. Once I started college I saw that majority of students agree with me. Everyone seems to be a nurse in the making. As I was finishing all the classes, my marriage fell apart and I moved to Louisiana. School became a luxury I couldn’t afford and planning needed to be done. In this time off I once again thought to myself, who am I? Who do I want to be when I reach my goal? What if I was brave enough to leap into the unknown? I saw what happened as a sign and a chance. A chance to start over, to be someone who would go to work and look forward to it. What if money didn’t matter? What would I be doing then?
This. This is what I would be doing.

I’ve spent the last two months traveling though United States, Canada and SouthEast Asia. National parks are my favorite places where I saw why we need to protect nature. I’ve recorded videos to be shared with you. Krabi islands in Thailand made me lose my sleep in the wave of inspiration that I experienced there. Sounds of bats in pitch black caves of Borneo taught me to face my fear, melting glaciers in the Banff NP Canada has reminded me about the emergency with which we must stand up to global warming and finally faces of hungry Cambodian children made me see how we are connected as a human race.

Enjoy this video preview of my trip.

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1 Response to It’s good to be back where I belong.

  1. Гуля says:

    1) Сама страница блога очень хорошо оформлена, потому все выглядит очень солидно и красиво – и статья, и широкоформатное фото.
    2) Много интересных моментов и в самом видео – ты трусишь ногами, делаешь всякие вибрации и резко поднимаешь руки, будто одновременно вырастают 2 башни за спиной (улыбка)

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