Life-Changing Art In The Biggest Garbage Dumb Of The World

They say you can tell person’s life just by looking at their garbage. Well, those people have seen millions tons of trash everyday while working for years in the world’s biggest landfill in Brazil, it’s their story. This movie is so much more than just a video about recycling or environmental hazards. The world’s biggest landfill holds life’s greatest miracles. When garbage buried a man under a mountain of trash that broke many of his bones, 20 people volunteered and went to the hospital to give blood transfusions to save his life.

Vik Muniz created true art that everyone can understand and feel. He transformed their lives and his own, even though it was already perfect. He realized that happiness has to be shared and true joy comes from giving back.

Los Angeles Times review:
“That a beautiful film could be set in the world’s largest garbage dump sounds like an oxymoron, but acclaimed documentarian Lucy Walker has pulled off precisely that feat in her profoundly moving “Waste Land.” She follows renowned Brooklyn-based, Brazilian-born artist Vik Muniz on a singularly ambitious project: going to Jardim Gramacho, a vast landfill established in 1970 north of Rio de Janeiro, photographing its catadores, pickers of recyclable materials, and then collaborating with them in transforming these photos into portraits created with recyclable materials. His purpose is to inspire his pickers to see themselves in a new way and even to re-imagine their lives”

Visit official website here.

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