Buddha Collapsed Out Of Shame

Synopsis: Amidst the wreckage beneath the ruined statue of the Buddha, thousands of families struggle to survive. Baktay, a six-year-old Afghan girl is challenged to go to school by her neighbour’s son who reads in front of their cave. Having found the money to buy a precious notebook, and taking her mother’s lipstick for a pencil, Baktay sets out. On her way, she is harassed by boys playing games that mimic the terrible violence they have witnessed, that has always surrounded them. The boys want to stone the little girl, to blow her up as the Taliban blew up the Buddha, to shoot her like Americans. Will Baktay be able to escape these violent war games and reach the school? The source website.

I reviewed “Buddha collapsed out of shame” documentary couple days ago. It was on my mind since then. I was astonished, shocked, surprised by what was going on in this child’s life. It wasn’t just watching a movie, you are there living every little thing that this child goes though. You can’t fake it, her eyes reveal all the truth. Sometimes I was crying, sometimes I was laughing but I couldn’t stop or go to sleep. She is so young, yet has so much strength. Everywhere she goes, she is unaccepted, but her love for life and her beautiful soul keeps you wishing you could help, give the protection she needs. She wanted to learn how to read. How wonderful is that? Kids are hungry for education. It’s our job as a society to provide it and nurture their innocent hearts. I want you to put aside differences and judgement,  open your mind and feel the pain of others…We’ve all been scared and bullied at some point of our lives, we’ve all felt lonely and then we healed. Understanding that we are all citizens of this planet. We are here to love and be happy. If you want to have world peace, then spread peace. Teach your kids values they can really use in their future: forgiveness, kindness, consciousness, awareness, etc. I suggest you let them watch documentaries like this one, so they can start to appreciate things they posses.

There are a lot of children in need of a good home. I’ve been to orphanages in Ukraine, seeing loving kids looking up at you asking if you are their new mommy or daddy. Something I will never forget. Some don’t own a  toothbrush. What I love about kids is that no matter what they have or they don’t have, they know how to enjoy life, how to be real, and how to laugh. Hope always lives in the eyes of children, lets learn something from that. And teach them to love this planet and being sustainable, and make the right decisions in our own lives, so they can learn by example.

Director’s note:

Afghanistan is a strange country. In a period of 25 years it has experienced many rulers; the communist Russians, Al-Qaeda and the Islamic extremists Taliban and western or laic Christians. Each of these rulers in order to save Afghanistan from the hegemony of the other have initially attacked and destroyed this country. The present day destructions in Afghanistan are not limited to cities and homes.
Now the children of this land in their games fire at each other with wooden arms and play the stoning game with little girls and place mines under each other’s feet in humor.
How will these children who mock the game of war in childhood like adults play with each other and the future of humanity?

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