Joshua Tree National Park, California

Support the local and national tourism industry by visiting the fantastic national and state parks. You may be surprised on what they have to offer you and your family. Each one is rich with events, tours, lodging, entertainment and history. Many facilities are much cheaper than other more popular options for families like extravagant themed parks. The more visitors to the parks means more funds and a better future for the parks system. Remember not to leave anything behind and be respectful to nature. “I pulled a flower and it wilted, I caught a moth and it died in my hand, only then I realized that beauty can not be touched but felt in the heart”.

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2 Responses to Joshua Tree National Park, California

  1. chipsofasia says:

    Great photos, gorgeous day. I was in Joshua Tree recently, absolutely loved it.

    • greenalina says:

      Thank You! I see that you travel a lot. It’s great! California is so beautiful.
      I’m a bit of cactus lover, so I really like it there. Where are u planning to go next?

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