Extreme Henna Hair: Going Red, Brown, Black and Blue

Long hours of research on how to dye your hair naturally, I stumbled upon Henna. It happened about 2 years ago when I became really active in going green. Hearing good things about it back in Ukraine, I was so excited to give it a try.  Henna (Lawsonia inermis, also called henna tree) is a flowering plant used since antiquity to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather and wool. The name is also used for dye preparations derived from the plant, and for the art of temporary tattooing based on those dyes.  It will help damaged hair, make hair full, strong, glossy, healthy. It really works. My hair was at it’s best when I was using it. I just love how it smells, so Earthy and grassy. There is a warning though, you can’t change your hair color back. Let’s say you are using Pure Henna( Red henna) by itself -it will make your hair red. Right after you  dye it color turns bright red, very gorgeous fiery shine. Without 3 days it oxydizes and becomes darker red.

before                                              after 1 hour

The final result is visible after 3 days. I look different in this photo because it was before I had Lasik eye surgery. Greatest Christmas present ever!!! If I wanted to go back to blond at this stage, that would make my hair really bright red, orange flames. Henna slowly washes out but it’s never out all the way. It bonds with protein of your hair making it stronger, also making it impossible to get rid of. I didn’t stop there, I realized that red isn’t my color and wanted to go darker. That’s when I mixed in Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria). Indigo is natural dye, used for dying your jeans blue. It come from plant, just like Henna. When you mix those 2 together it gives it a brown color, like the photo below.  Indigo is sometimes called Black Henna. Make sure your Henna or Indigo is all natural and doesn’t have synthetic dyes, chemicals, etc.

The more you use it, the darker it gets. I purposely wanted to try to achieve a black hair color with henna. This is the darkest I got it.
6 month later I wanted to change up to a lighter color, so I used bleach to make highlights. What happened next was unexpected and pretty awesome. My hair turned blue! It was more visible on the outside with sunlight. The blue will stay with you forever until you cut it off. I was asked by males, on several occasions, how to make their hair blue.  It wasn’t easy to explain, so Thank God for blogging. Now I only have to explain once…:)

Henna=Red; Henna + Indigo= Brown or Black; Henna+Indigo+Bleach=Blue;

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