Fuel Addiction Rehab

Have you ever suffered though addiction, any kind of addiction? I did. I used to smoke cigarettes for years. Yet we are all addicted to oil. The most important thing, is freeing yourself from this addiction. You have to want it, you have to be ready for change. Until then it won’t happened, no matter how many time people will point out that it hurts your body. I haven’t seen anybody who loves going to gas station. Have you? 

I think people are ready to quit fuel, the damage to Earth body is done. We cut it open and let it bleed…As a result we pollute water and soil, making it us unsustainable for growing crops,  and fish became contaminated.

You have to make a plan. Knowing exactly how you are going to do it and when. Information can be your best friend. Learning about your enemy will make you stronger. My doctor would talk to me on the phone for hours about damage that cigarettes create inside of me, I would just let sink in and week later I stopped smoking. So learning ways of going green is easy. If everybody was driving electric cars or cars on bio diesel, that would make human impact a little less fatal to our planet. You have choice right now,  getting something that potentially will save you money in the long run or save nature for your children to enjoy. Did you know that petroleum oil can be created identical to the one we dig from the ground within 3 days using Algae?

So here you go people of earth, it’s time to use our brilliant cranium for something that will benefit all mankind . I watched this documentary twice, I can’t get enough. The information provided here is entertaining and very important. You will learn transformation that is about to turn this world upside down. Stay on top, don’t be left behind. This movie is a road to recovery.

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