Paper plates, Dishasher or Hand-wash

What we do in our everyday life matters the most to the environment. It adds up to a big number. We live busy lives, sometimes there isn’t enough time for yourself, especially washing dishes. It is so much easier to just use paper plates, right? I know I feel that way too. But where do they come from and where do they end up after your meal? A single plate has a long history, even though it’s life so short. At first it was a beautiful tree producing oxygen, and is then cut down. In fac,t most of the 900.000.000 trees that are cut down to feed America, according to Clean Air Council, just to end up in a landfill later. That’s wasteful, don’t you think? Since we now know about global warming and the deforestation dilemma, it’s pointless pretending not to notice the obvious, and keep living the same lifestyle that is damaging our planet. What is happening to our planet, is like Virus. It has become infected with selfish, money obsessed individuals. Money is useless if we can’t eat. Even the richest people in the world will be breathing polluted air. Humans became so powerful due to ability to adapt. Let’s not wait until we have to adapt to toxic water or air, but rather adopt new strategies to protect what we already have. Learn the Secret Life of Paper, watch video below.

All that oil from food and plastic linings inhibit pulp processing during recycling. If you really have to use paper plates use “Post-Consumer Waste” . Look for recycled material and compostable plates made out of “eco-friendly” components as cellulose fibers from sugar canes. Being green is so easy, just take the time to research and read. Use less! Remember happiness doesn’t come from the store!

Test your knowledge. What is better for environment, Dishwashing or Hand-washing your reusable plates?  I naturally thought that hand-washing is the best. Dishwasher WINS! I’m kind of happy about that! Now I have an excuse to color my nails with natural nail polish while the dishwasher does all the work! Yeah! Live and learn.

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1 Response to Paper plates, Dishasher or Hand-wash

  1. I’m sticking with hand washing. Another post I read recently said it takes 25 gallons to wash dishes by hand. Not quite so – me. First I have a water saving aerator on the faucet -1 1/2 gpm. Second I use a dish pan. Third I soap and wash 1/3 to 1/2 the dishes then rinse. Total water about 5 gallons. I did even better when I lived at my cabin as there was no running water in the house and could do a load with about 3 gallons – and supplement with rain water off the roof when that happened.

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