Green Boyfriend Phenomenon

What makes a green boyfriend? Same applies to a girlfriend. If you are lucky enough to have boyfriend that gives a hoot and doesn’t pollute, recycles all those beers cans and bottles.  Doesn’t want to spend hours in the mall with you because of understanding the environmental impact created by shopping. Hold on to that person, value all the fun trips to the recycle center together. I don’t want you to confuse cheap boyfriend with green one.  Here is the little things that identify a green superhero next to you:

– Using public transportation. For those who never used a bus, you are missing out. Writing from my own experience, it’s like a whole new adventure. Sometimes you might end up somewhere unplanned, or a homeless person sits right next to you even though the bus is half empty (those guys are the eco-friendliest people in the world by the way, thank you for saving the planet)! Somebody might talk to you without any reason or response. The horn on the bus gets stuck and you ride all the way watching other drivers with confused looks on their faces, thinking “What did I do wrong?”. Either way you are going to have lots of memories, things to laugh about and to remember. Plus you will be walking a  lot more. Yes, walking is good – couch is bad!

– Riding a bike. I find riding bikes the most fun of all. Combine gym time and hanging out. You will burn huge amounts of calories (that delicious pumpkin pie from Trader Joe’s you ate earlier), get plenty of fresh air and feel like an eco-warrior. The other night I rode my bike with a friend to the overlook hill at night. Los Angeles sparkles with million lights, like candles as far as you can see. Simply breathtaking.

– Reuse. On your birthday he will bring you a card you originally gave to him on his birthday. Just be happy he forgave the fact that you sacrificed the life of a tree in his name! E-cards online rules!!! He brings reusable bags to the store, plus he carries a little reusable bag everywhere. It’s like the point of carrying condom with you, it’s better to have one and not need one, than to need one and not have one. 

– Diet. That sexy body doesn’t just happen. Diet with lots of fruits and vegetables transforms from  jiggly to rock hard 6 pack(ok maybe not that much, but it works like magic), try it yourself. You’ll incredible transformation. I heard that vegans are dangerously active. Just watch this video.

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1 Response to Green Boyfriend Phenomenon

  1. Yoyo Alina, I’m so green I don’t know what to’s feel like I’m from are neighbor planet! To the point that green is my favor color,my mind is always Green, I’m waiting it’s translate in to my wallet lol Green,~green~ green I live in Green Valley haha Green Tennis Balls & green tea they much for a Green win and that make my weekend super green! Oh well I can go on & on but u get what color is the I’m the green boy friend hahaaaa oh well is time for this super hero to have a green dream! God bless, Good night.

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