Green Valentine’s Day Tips

Here is couple tips on how to go green this Valentine’s Day:

1. Cook home-made dinner or have a picnic at the park

There is nothing more romantic than somebody taking time to make you dinner. I know it’s easier to go out and just pay for food. But do you really wanna be stuck in traffic, wait for the table and then sit in the crowded restaurant? Or consider taking food outside relaxing in the park or by the beach, plenty of privacy and opportunities to connect. Remember to make a vegetarian dinner and use organic produce. Your body will be happy, as well as your loved one. Greens will give you lots of energy to have fun in the evening later…;)

2. Flowers

Flowers are definetely a greener choice. Make sure you buy at your local flower store.  With lower transportation costs and with minimum pesticides. Less carbon foot print. You can even order organic flowers online. Another possibility to buy flower in the pot, so it lives longer and produces oxygen.

3. Massage

Everybody loves a good massage. Being touched and cared for is what Valentine’s Day all about. Turn on some relaxing music, use organic candles and some natural oil like Almond, Grapeseed or Olive. You will have a blast!

4. Think Recycled or Organic

Whatever you are planning to buy as a gift. Take your time to find recycled version of it. There is plenty recycled gold jewelry, handbags, decorative subjects. Organic clothes or beauty products as such perfume/cologne.

5. Send e-cards online

No need to buy cards anymore. E-card online are so cool, you choose a song, add words from your heart, you can even use a picture of your partner to make it more personal. I love the internet and technology, it gives us chance to be more green and still show that we care.

6. Chocolate

Don’t forget to eat some chocolate. Good source of happiness and antioxidants. Visit your local Whole Foods or Trader Joes to find huge selections of fair trade, delicious organic heaven bites:)

Have fun on Valentine’s Day. Be green and joyful. Share this with your friends and family. Earth day everyday! Love this life!

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