Ban plastic bags for good

“Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again…” Katy Perry, Firework.

Life of plastic bag is short and meaningless. Even if you are buying one little thing you always end up getting a free plastic bag. I bring reusable bags to the store. Countless amount of times I had to say:”No bag please”, countless amount of times I literally had to take my stuff out of the bag that they gave me. Once cashier even asked:”What, you don’t need plastic bag? Are you sure? It’s on the house.”  Now this is perfect example of how wasteful we are. It’s almost like a tradition to get it, just because it looks cool to carry. Specially when you shop at expensive stores…

Watch this documentary about life of plastic bags. It’s a great story.

Bags end up in the landfill, in the ocean, fish eat plastic and then we eat fish. In the end it comes back to us in way we didn’t expect. So please ban plastic bags. Bring reusable one. Or just don’t get any if you don’t need them. The ones that you already have (like millions of them in the cupboards) recycle them in the stores that recycle. The only way to recycle plastic a bag is to return it to the store!!!

A positive change is happening. I see lots of people carrying reusable bags already!!! But we have to take it further and ban them. Many stores offer 5 cents off with each reusable bag you use. Let’s keep this planet clean and beautiful!!!

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