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Benefits Of Vegetarianism

I’ve been wondering for a while what can I do to save the planet. Is it recycling, buying less, or using public transportation? I have never thought that eating meat would have anything to do with global warming. In my … Continue reading

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Chocolate joy! Why buy organic?

Just like any woman, I love chocolate. Especially organic chocolote, because it tastes more natural. I love the taste of organic products, you can definitely feel the difference. So yummy…in fact just thinking about it makes my mouth water lol. My dad once … Continue reading

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Valentine’s day ideas!

One of my favorite website with recycled gold and conflict free diamonds. So beautiful and you can easily learn where it all comes from. Learn how Brilliant Earth  guarantees the ethical origin of our jewelry and about the conflict diamond trade. … Continue reading

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Sexiest electric car – TESLA! Ride of the future.

I waited for this day to come. New Tesla Model S has been introduced to the world. Isn’t it amazing? It’s all electric, awesome looking  and fast !!! Also visit thier website for more info. and pictures. Price starting at 50,000.

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Introducing new TOYOTA Prius 2012 Plug-in Hybrid

After years of development capped by a painstaking study of 600 pre-production cars around the world, Toyota is finally ready to launch the plug-in Prius, which goes on sale in the spring of 2012.

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Why can’t we be friends?

Anything capable of such love deserves to live. Wearing real fur is no longer fashinable. Poor animals need us to be their voices. There is better alternatives that will prevent suffering of helpless creatures. You make your choice in the store … Continue reading

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Save Polar Bears. Stop global warming.

More on the issue and other endangered species here. Support World Wild Fund by donating your time or money.

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Bottled water ? No, thanks.

Truth about bottled water! Annie Leonard is my hero. Check out why.   Using canteens is fun and easy. Protect yourself from dangerous chemical released in the water from plastic.

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Ask yourself…

What do you like more? What are we doing to change it?

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Join Green Revolution!

Friends, let’s go green and save this beautiful planet for next generations!

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